Transfer booking

What pick-up time should I set?

(for private transfer order)

If you need a transfer from an airport , we recommend you to specify your flight arrival time as the beginning of your transfer. In this case, it is more convenient for a driver to organize the meeting.
Important note: if you were notified about a change of arrival time, please let us know so we could negotiate the urgent changes with a carrier.
***If your flight is delayed, the driver is typically aware of the new arrival time and adjusts accordingly. This is often included in the service without additional charges, especially for delays within a reasonable timeframe
If you need a transfer from a hotel to an airport, specify the time you should be met at the reception. You will have to calculate the departure time by yourself. We recommend you to have a spare 3 hours for the airport check-in and transfer duration time. Approximate time a driver needs to arrive at the airport is specified on the booking page.

(for group (shuttle) transfer order)

If you are ordering from the airport to the hotel, please specify the arrival time of the flight.
If you are ordering from the hotel to the airport, please specify the flight departure time. - When your reservation is confirmed, we will indicate the departure time of the car from the hotel on the voucher.